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3 steps to building a successful Native Advertising Team

How do you build a great native advertising team?

Follow these top native advertising tips for ideas on how to build the best internal team for native ad success.

Time and time again it will be the brands that combine analytical skills, creative ideas and a broad understanding of marketing that will deliver the very best in native advertising.

While your content marketing plan should always include a strategy to distribute content – more and more businesses need to think about what their internal marketing team should look like in order to be successful at native advertising.

Below we take a look at what brands and businesses should think about when building a native advertising team.

Cultivate the right marketing mentality

Integrating different personalities, fostering co-operation between different ways – and speeds – of working, and championing a shared goal all have their challenges. It’s impossible without the right management in place and full business buy in. Hiring the right people that have expertise in a particular discipline, but want to use it in a marketing field, can be hard too.  So if you can’t hire it, how do you cultivate it? Here’s a few tips:

1. Encourage the development of expertise

If you currently have a team that covers all aspects of brand content and native advertising together, think about breaking this down to specialisms. You may already be able to see who in your team has an eye for data analysis, or content ideas, for example. Encourage them to work more closely on specific aspects of the native advertising process that they are good at – and preferably enjoy. To avoid silos developing ensure that all areas share their expertise regularly – so that the entire team can see how this has impacted and improved on your overall business marketing. Encourage strategists to spend time working within the creative and data prongs too in order to widen their knowledge and share expertise.

2. Hire from outside the industry

Creativity comes from new ways of thinking – and introducing new team members with specific skill sets from outside the industry is a great way to increase creativity for your entire team. Bring an ex-journalist, engineer or even a teacher into the team for a whole new strand of expertise and thinking.

3. Highlight success: create company-wide buy in

It’s easy to think that all of your creative ideas will come from your creative team, but that’s not the case. You’ll be surprised how often – when given the opportunity – a wider team can offer up some inspirational ideas. So share your native advertising goals with your wider business team: every single employee will be familiar with your product – and more often than not the digital channels you are promoting your content on – so highlight what you’ve done already and how it performed with the wider business for input. You might be surprised what comes back.

In summary, the future of digital advertising is increasingly going to be defined by content. Brands will need to develop ever-more interesting content ideas to cut-through to their target audience. Marketers will need to make the business case for content; data will be key in making the case and calculating return on investment. To do all of this well, businesses need to embrace the pitch fork.

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