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Native to be 30% of Global Advertising Spend by 2020

Native Advertising is on the rise, see below the highlights from our yearly Global Ad Spend Growth Review:

– Global investments in native advertising will reach $85.5b in 2020, a +213% growth from 2016

– 2020 sees North America continuing to be the biggest Native market in the world

– In Western Europe, the UK forms the biggest market with $5.8b invested in native advertising, followed by Germany($4.4b) and France (+$1.1b)

The main findings shows that:

Global investments in native advertising will reach $85.5b in 2020, an ADYOULIKE research says, based on figures by BI Intelligence, IAB and eMarketer. This means global investments in native advertising will grow by +213% from 2016.

In 2020, North America will still be the biggest native market in the world, with investments reaching $31.7b, including native-style display, sponsorship and social native. Asia-Pacific will reach $25.3b and Western Europe $19.6b. With over $17b within four years, North America will weigh 37% of the global growth in native advertising (30% for Pacific-Asia and 23% for Western Europe).

In Western Europe, the UK is the biggest market with $5.8b invested in native advertising – whereas native advertising will reach $4.4b in Germany and $2b in France (+$1.1b in four years).

Commenting on the figures, Julien Verdier, CEO and Co-Founder, ADYOULIKE, adds:

“This is the second year we have undertaken this study into the native advertising market and it confirms what everyone in advertising already knows – native advertising continues to grow at an explosive rate.”

Last years research showed the market growing to $59.35b by 2018. This updated research sees the global native advertising market growing to $85.5b by 2020. More advertisers and publishers now fully understand the native advertising market, hence the anticipated growth. Native programmatic means we’ll see even more scale and more trading across national and regional borders.”


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